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basal part of a plant ovule opposite the micropyle

one of two spiral bands of tissue connecting the egg yolk to the enclosing membrane at either end of the shell

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Other nucellar and chalazal structures, such as hypostase, perisperm, and chalazosperm, are regarded as being of some systematic significance in monocotyledons and are used as characters in analyses.
1995b; Stevenson & Loconte, 1995), a review of nucellar and chalazal characters in monocotyledons is timely.
The interface between chalazal and nucellar tissues is more or less on a line drawn between the ventral and dorsal limits of the inner integument, where it emerges from the chalaza (Fig.
Tilton (1980b) reviewed earlier literature and recommended the consistent use of individual terms for specific modifications, such as pseudochalaza, nucellar plasmodium, hypostase, postament, chalazal proliferating tissue, and Zuleitungsbahn (conducting passage) or Starkestrasse (starch route).
The endosperm of all Rhopalocarpus species (Sphaerosepalaceae) are penetrated by chalazal tissue.
Fruit usually a pair of slender to stout, thinly to thickly woody, ventrally dehiscent follicles with dry pericarp; endocarp not forming a stone; seeds usually numerous, compressed, with coma usually on micropylar end, sometimes with a coma at the chalazal end or at both micropylar and chalazal ends (some Wrightieae and Malouetieae), rarely ecomose (s ome Malouetieae); endosperm thin, not ruminate.
Style head globose with slender elongate conical apex, more or less round in corss section; attached (sometimes only very weakly so) at about middle of style head; thecae free; chalazal coma often present; mostly trees, sometimes lianas Malouetieae 3.
of Wrightia); seeds with a chalazal and/or micropylar coma.