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a long chair

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a carriage consisting of two wheels and a calash top

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The chaise of a traveller being a rare sight in Fullerton, the whole family were immediately at the window; and to have it stop at the sweep-gate was a pleasure to brighten every eye and occupy every fancy -- a pleasure quite unlooked for by all but the two youngest children, a boy and girl of six and four years old, who expected a brother or sister in every carriage.
Here the party breaks up, all going now different ways; and Tom orders out a chaise and pair as grand as a lord, though he has scarcely five shillings left in his pocket, and more than twenty miles to get home.
At Farringdon, being known to the innkeeper, he gets that worthy to pay for the Oxford horses, and forward him in another chaise at once; and so the gorgeous young gentleman arrives at the paternal mansion, and Squire Brown looks rather blue at having to pay two pound ten shillings for the posting expenses from Oxford.
I'll get a chaise at the Lion, and follow 'em instantly.
The lanterns glimmered, as the men ran to and fro; the horses' hoofs clattered on the uneven paving of the yard; the chaise rumbled as it was drawn out of the coach-house; and all was noise and bustle.
And amidst the yo-yoing of the whole four, the chaise stopped.
exclaimed the old man with a grin, as he stood in the middle of the road with the gate half-closed, watching the chaise which rapidly diminished in the increasing distance.
Meanwhile the chaise proceeded, without any slackening of pace, towards the conclusion of the stage.
Pickwick been alone, these multiplied obstacles would have completely put an end to the pursuit at once, but old Wardle was not to be so easily daunted; and he laid about him with such hearty good-will, cuffing this man, and pushing that; strapping a buckle here, and taking in a link there, that the chaise was ready in a much shorter time than could reasonably have been expected, under so many difficulties.
cried old Wardle, climbing into the chaise, pulling up the steps, and slamming the door after him.
Pickwick, by his constant collision either with the hard wood-work of the chaise, or the body of his companion.
Pickwick planted himself into his own corner, as firmly as he could; and on whirled the chaise faster than ever.
The horses in the first chaise started on at their utmost speed; and those in Mr.
There was a sudden bump--a loud crash--away rolled a wheel, and over went the chaise.
The wheels of Arthur's chaise had been anxiously listened for at the Chase, for to-day was Friday, and the funeral had already been deferred two days.