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the officer who presides at the meetings of an organization

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Then fans mobbed her and whisked her away, while we sat down to our luncheon of chicken salad and chocolate truffles planned by event chairwomen Linda Camras and Susan Pearlstein.
According to event chairwomen DeeDee DeCherney and Jan Goldman, guests got a sneak peek at spring and summer styles presented by Neiman Marcus and were entertained by the Foshay Learning School Choir in Los Angeles.
5) Going over last-minute details for Cedars-Sinai Medical Center's Amie Karen Cancer Fund luncheon are chairwomen Erica Lowry, left, Karen Locke and Adena Frank.
According to chairwomen Sheri Rosenblum, Gretchen Wayne and Sarah Piehl, more than $400,000 was raised for cancer research programs.
Chairwomen for the Colleagues event were Marion Jorgensen, Betsy Bloomingdale and Erlenne Sprague, all of Los Angeles.