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a passenger car for day travel

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I intend to give relief by not increasing fares in any of these classes -- sleeper, suburban, AC chair car and AC 3-tier," Roy announced in the Lok Sabha.
The AC double decker chair car coaches have been introduced to cater to higher transport demand.
Railway minister Mamata Banerjee had even praised Rahul for practising austerity by travelling in a chair car of the Shatabdi.
Presently the concession in rail fair for both the category of persons is 75 percent in Sleeper Class, AC Chair Car and 3rd AC and 50 percent in 2nd AC and 1st AC in all trains except Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains.
Rahul Gandhi also travelled to Ludhiana in a Chair Car seat in the Shatabdi Express to set an example," he said.
Rahul had boarded the chair car of the train as part of government's austerity drive.
Partition frame set for lhb chair car with prayer room for shell area.
Gandhi travelled in an air-conditioned chair car of the Swarn Shatabdi Express on Tuesday, a day after his mother Sonia Gandhi travelled in an economy class flight from New Delhi to Mumbai.
Tenders are invited for Box For Amplifier For Non Ac Chair Car Type Coaches For Bangladesh Railwaysas Per Drg No.
15 (ANI): Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi travelled in the chair car of the Shatabdi Express on Tuesday to reach Ludhiana from Delhi.
Tenders are invited for Armrest Complete For Lhb Chair Car 2Nd Ac/Executive.
The minimum charge for second class (sitting) is 10 rupees and the maximum will be 15 rupees, for sleeper class and AC chair car the minimum has been fixed at 75 rupees and the maximum at 150 rupees, while for AC III and AC II tier classes the minimum will be 200 rupees with the maximum being 300 rupees.
He said therefore, it is decided to reduce the fares of AC first class, AC 2 tier, AC 3 tier and AC Chair Car by 2 per cent.
Tenders are invited for Fire Retardant Curtain Fabric Of Width 120 To 122 Cm For All Ac Coaches 1 St Ac , Ac-Ii Tier , Ac-Iii Tier And Ac Chair Car Confirming To Rdso Specification No : Str No C-9911 Rev.
Tenders are invited for Arm Rest For Lhb Ac Chair Car Coaches To Drg No J And Td Cw Per Sr Drg No Sk 1099 Colour Olive Green