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portable power saw

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That's because the Texas Chainsaw Massacre baddie would have been forced to keep his motorised weapon away from the Tees Barrage, by order of the Canal and River Trust.
The chainsaw starts up again after a few minutes, providing the necessary noise to silence their approach.
That was at least 25 years ago and I met a chap who was a chainsaw sculptor.
Every pro-grade electric chainsaw grinder has two main parts.
According to the Orlando Sentinel, some commenters on the nun's video also raised concerns and said it is dangerous to wear loose-fitting clothing while operating a chainsaw.
But whether or not to purchase a chainsaw wasn't the important decision I faced.
A vintage David Bradley chainsaw banner set the tone.
He appeared via a live TV link from Stoke Heath custody centre and was warned by Judge Rhys Rowlands that, but for the other sentence, he could have expected two years for wielding the chainsaw in dangerous circumstances when he was drunk and using it to threaten another man.
The MSA 120 C-BQ Compact Cordless Chainsaw (RRP PS249, see www.
This compact chainsaw is so easy to use - to alter the chain tension, for example, you large, rechargeable battery, but still only weighs 3.
Medical costs for chainsaw accidents average around $350 million per year.
A FUMING gardener left a couple fearing for their lives when he threatened them with a chainsaw in a row over a fence.
com)-- North Shropshire College's (NSC) Walford Campus will be hosting part-time Chainsaw courses, the courses will be taught by lecturer Selwyn Wayne-Smith.
Chainsaw Operation: A Practical Guide to Safe Work Technique for Chainsaw Operators
Chainsaw manufacturers are investing in R&D to produce more efficient chainsaws in terms of power and speed.