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smoke one cigarette after another

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While fans were told to go outside for a cigarette, Slash and frontman Scott Weiland chain-smoked their way through their hard-rock band Velvet Revolver's set at Cardiff's International Arena.
The Factory Girl star guzzled glasses of wine, put her feet on the table and chain-smoked throughout the meal at Hollywood's swanky Chateau Marmont.
I'm told mum-of-two Kerry knocked back bubbly and wine and chain-smoked Marlboro Lights.
Peterson recalls a big-eyed short brunet actress who chain-smoked and was either a no-show or would call half an hour after her appointment from the Four Seasons, where she was still in bed with her boyfriend.
NEW YORK CITY--During an interview last winter on the top floor of his West Village apartment in Manhattan, Paul Taylor drank coffee with evaporated milk, chewed Freedent gum, and chain-smoked Vantage menthol cigarettes.