chain stitch

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the most basic of all crochet stitches made by pulling a loop of yarn through another loop

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a looped stitch resembling the links of a chain

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variety of embroidery techniques, chain stitch, buttonhole stitch, and
5) Switch to the red yarn, make one chain stitch, and turn.
The range of stitches is also more limited than in more commonplace examples: no use has been made of chain stitch, which is often employed to outline the figures in the later pieces, nor are the figures filled in with backstitch or chain stitch to provide density.
Using a crewel needle, embroider outlines and lettering in a basic chain stitch
Kansai Sewing Machinery Company: PX flat bed two needle double chain stitch machines for decorative design
Tenders are invited for Double Interlock Chain Stitch Machine- 16 Nos.
Safavieh recently added to its indoor/outdoor rug category with the Hampton collection, which uses both chain stitch and sweater knit loops.
I am assuming that you know the basics of crocheting and can start a simple chain stitch.
Over at the showrooms, Mohawk Home showed how they translated Susan Sargent's designs into acrylic hooked and printed scatter rugs, and Trade Am displayed its chain stitch rugs.
You need 1 skein each pink and orange, G/6 crochet hook, 1 button, yarn needle Directions Row 1: Chain 23 in pink, and single crochet in each chain stitch across.
Tice now has three distinct products utilizing EGT: the MHLS, the FS-2000 (developed under a joint development agreement with Levi Strauss) and a new CS-2000 chain stitch machine previously developed and undergoing customer evaluations.
Safavieh debuted its new Hampton collection of indoor/outdoor rugs, which uses both chain stitch and sweater knit loops.
Irises are scattered throughout-from the Bridgehampton quilt to a dramatic chain stitch pillow.
But my mother managed to find a crochet hook and some yarn and taught me how to make a chain stitch.
Flat-bed, Interlock, Chain stitch Sewing Machine (for Collar Binding (linsey-woolsey shirt and