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smoke one cigarette after another

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Add in the fact that Mileson, a chain smoker who suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome, suffered a brain infection in February 2008 and died nine months later, and it was clear the fairytale was heading for an unhappy ending.
According to the report, the video has sparked a storm of jokes and rebuttals on YouTube and various social media sites about the well-known chain smoker and drinker who once praised Winston Churchill for his love of whiskey.
THOUGH teetotal, Jackie Milburn was a chain smoker, often enjoying a cigarette before kick-off and at half-time.
Although Abdullah was a chain smoker, a doctor who examined his body linked his death to a recent illness brought on by malnutrition.
In fact, I bet the famous chain smoker lit another fag in celebration at the news.
He said that 273 patients including 72 women were operated upon during the period under review and their history revealed that all of them were suffering from diabetes, chain smoker and hypertension in addition to high degree of cholesterol.
DANNY Mulligan went to sleep a chain smoker and woke up an hour later completely cigarette free.
Her hair test results showed more cadmium than a chain smoker, although she had never touched a cigarette in her life.
Despite his height, He became a chain smoker when he was seven years old and smoked at least one pack of cigarettes every day.
Mrs Owsher-Bowsher, Mrs Eadie-Beadie Jones and Miss Caldi Caldicott-Evans, the sole spinster who seemed to have been a chain smoker all her life.
A reformed chain smoker, Sabanci is a strong advocate of Turkey joining the European Union," the magazine added.
Two-year-old Tong Liangliang has little interest in the pacifiers and bottles typically favored by others his age and instead opted for cigarettes, and is now up to a pack a day, earning the Chinese toddler the dubious record of the world's youngest chain smoker.
And that's bad news for outgoing Majority Leader John Boehner, a chain smoker who even has his own smoking perch, known as the ``Boehner Bench,'' in the Speaker's Lobby.
Lizzie, 33, was infamous on the Channel 4 reality show as a 15st, gobby, tattooed, chain smoker.
Fire investigating officer Mark McCabe said fire officers found the badly burned body of Mr Carter, who was a chain smoker, in the sitting room.