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portable power saw

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Having protective gear on hand such as safety footwear, protective gloves and eye, hearing, and head protection devices, as well as chain saw protective clothing.
Outdoor Enthusiasts Invited to Test Drive Innovative Outdoor Power Equipment Delivering Fuel Savings During Chain Saw Safety Awareness Month
When you're in the scene and right in the moment of being freaked out and scared to death with this metal chain saw coming over your head through a car roof, you just take that lunch box and slam it as hard as you can,'' says Biel, who tore the skin off her knuckles in the process.
Before use, perform a thorough inspection of the chain saw.
The patent, still in effect, discloses a novel design for the nose sprocket in a chain saw guide bar.
Use common sense - Prevent serious or fatal injuries, never use a chain saw when your balance is compromised, while up in a tree or on a roof.
3 -- 4) These logs, above, in the Long Logs region of the Petrified Forest National Park, appear cut to fireplace length with a chain saw, but the fossilized wood actually cracked and broke as the result of upthrusts in the earth.
Fantasy Lumberjack Prizes Include STIHL Chain Saws and a Trip for Two to the 2013 STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Series World Championship in Germany
works on the details of his chain saw carving of firefighters raising the American flag in the rubble of New York City's World Trade Center after the Sept.
Phil Dunford with his chain saw sculpture of a Welsh dragon at Woodfest, St Asaph; Picture: JEFF PITT
Currie is one of about 100 American women woodworkers who uses a chain saw.
Next week (May 5)he travels to Sweden for a week's training with the UK logging squad courtesy of chain saw specialists Husqvarna.
Cleaning up after a storm is one scenario when a chain saw often lands in the hands of an inexperienced operator due to necessity," said Mark Michaels, product manager for Husqvarna.
Contract award: Supply chain saw wood and motor saws in lots as follows: