chain reaction

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a series of chemical reactions in which the product of one is a reactant in the next

a self-sustaining nuclear reaction

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This apparently created a critical mass, setting off a self-sustaining chain reaction and a massive release of energy.
The Fall 2005 Chain Reaction Envelope Clutch is a luxurious day and evening clutch made from fine Italian suede.
Serological, reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction, and immunohistochemical detection of West Nile virus in a clinically infected dog.
Chain Reaction adult supervisor Madeline Bietsy said Gnish is a take-charge sort of youngster.
RNA in ticks (Ixodes ricinus) by the polymerase chain reaction.
29 SCIENCE, calls for scientists to use a sensitive, genetic technique, the polymerase chain reaction, to determine the exact molecular sequence of a small portion of every gene studied.
The book, entitled "Clinical Applications of PCR," is considered one of the most comprehensive publications about the DNA detection field known as polymerase chain reaction, an indispensable technique in modern molecular diagnostics.
Valencia, CA), and evaluated by using a nested species-specific 16S rRNA gene polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for E.
And Chain Reaction Cycles, the world's largest online bike store, is offering one lucky reader and a friend the chance to win an exclusive VIP day out at the finish in Wrexham on September 6.
2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Chain Reaction Cycles, CRC, is the world's largest online bike store delivering the best service, range and value.
A set of 92 strains of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and 10 type-reference strains were analyzed using three molecular techniques: the randomly amplified polymorphic DNA-polymerase chain reaction (RAPD-PCR); the enterobacterial repetitive intergenic consensus-polymerase chain reaction (ERIC-PCR); and the polytrinucleotide-polymerase chain reaction (GTG)5-PCR).
Contract notice: Supply and maintenance of real-time polymerase chain reaction equipment 2 lots.
Chain ReACTion, which describes Coast & Country's approach to securing social value in the supply chain, was launched at the company's Westfield Farm resource centre in Dormanstown recently.
CHAIN Reaction, the cluster of organisations representing Teesside's growing renewable energy sector and its associated supply chain, held a recent strategy meeting to discuss key issues and determine how the group should develop moving forwards.
OB), the leading provider of cloud and on-site customer interaction hub software, announced today that Chain Reaction Cycles has selected eGain[R] Mail[TM].