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a pipe wrench used for turning large pipes

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Tenders are invited for Chain Pipe Wrench Of Following Sizes:- Chain Pipe Wrench Length:500-600 Mm
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Chain Pipe Wrench
Tenders are invited for Chain Pipe Wrench Of Diameter 250 Mm, Length 1300 Mm With Accessories Nice Or Similar Make
f) Chain Pipe Wrench Heavy duty forged jaws, specially designed double sided reversible and interchangeable forged jaw to give longer life, handle red, jaw black lacquered as the product is based on is IS-4123 of size 1100mm long, 834mm chain length Nos 01
2- Socket Spanner Wrench Set 24 Pcs -01 Box , 3- Chain Pipe Wrench 8 Inch For Column Pipe 02 Nos, 4- Crimping Tool0.