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Chain mail became obsolete in the 14th century to be replaced by plate armour covering much of the body.
We supplied hundreds of pieces of handmade chain mails, headgears and leggings for Kingdom of Heaven .
So, in a reductionist sense, this new metal fabric is like chain mail, except with stuff attached to it.
She was actually being attacked by a man high on LSD, wearing chain mail and a helmet, armed with a broadsword, staff and shield.
As it is, Peter has to perform gymnastics just to wiggle free of his chain mail.
Dressed in chain mail and brandishing swords and shields, the clan formed part of an eyecatching bid to promote the new exhibition at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.
In one case, broken links of chain mail were painstakingly repaired using Japanese mulberry paper, acrylic resin and paint.
These include chain mail jewellery, crochet and felting demonstrations.
Stuntman and illusionist David Blaine's latest trick involves chain mail, iron boots and one million volts of electricity.
Right now, the printers are too expensive for even the most fashion-forward folk, and the weaves of the fabric are wide and loopy, more like futuristic chain mail than silk.
Then came the 15kg chain mail top I was told would protect me from light projectiles, if not from a lifetime of backache.
An onlooker said: "It was odd to see Russell in sunglasses, with everyone else in chain mail and armour.
Medieval knights donned quilted clothing under their chain mail, while early colonists transformed the time-honored tradition into a way of life by piecing together quilts to guard against the cold New World winters.
A splinter of wood from a lance flew up through the eye slit of the man's helmet, penetrated chain mail and went into his eye socket.
Norman describes how the function of the military changed from the beginnings of feudalism with the early Lombards and Franks, moving to the Vikings and Saxons, getting down to such details as how chain mail was actually made and used.