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a gang of convicts chained together

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Slaves of the State: Black Incarceration from the Chain Gang to the Penitentiary.
This exceptionally well-researched account looks at chain gangs and the state prison system of Florida from about 1910 until 1960.
While Georgia politicians, business leaders, and policy makers clearly bristled at the characterization of their state prison system as depraved, inhumane, and brutal, they did not recognize sufficient cause to reform the chain gangs.
Of course the real benefit is that seeing the chain gangs out and about and in the pink, might give our own wee tearaways a graphic illustration of what awaits them unless they shape up.
The male chain gang and the world's first ever female chain gang carry out community work such as cleaning streets and painting over graffiti.
Surprisingly, there is a waiting list to get on one of the Sheriff's chain gangs but this is less surprising when you consider that the alter-native is 23 hour "lock-down".
Given the reputation of chain gangs, support from wardens and gang 'bosses' are perhaps the most surprising.
Committee Against Torture, American police and prison guards have a record of discriminatory prisoner abuse, female prisoners are often raped by prison personnel, and public chain gangs are still in use.
MORE than a third of the public would welcome the introduction of US-style chain gangs to Britain, a survey shows.
Amnesty International has come down particularly hard on the state of Wisconsin -- which has a place of prominence in the March report for its plan to use the stun belt on chain gangs.
Chain gangs, unfortunately, have become an increasingly common part of the American landscape.
Chain gangs and hard work ensure that prison is not pleasant, which is what society wants and criminals need.
Although Jones' chain gangs have won the enmity of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) of Alabama, which has filed a class action suit to end them, one other state - Arizona - has also brought back chain gangs.
Like "Jesus Walks," with it's imagery of abusive prison chain gangs and Klansmen burning crosses, "Diamonds" once again finds Kanye tackling difficult subject matter.
Drawing on Spivak's access to chain gangs through the Georgia Prison Commission, the novel fictionalizes and exposes the abuses of the institutionalized system of sharecropping, debt peonage, and exorbitant chain gang sentences that trapped many southern blacks in a cycle of labor exploitation.