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feeling or caused to feel uneasy and self-conscious

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Professor Beecher, young and foolish, would not consent to delve into the riches of the ancient city, being too much chagrined over the loss of the idol.
Chagrined indeed had been the Jed of Gathol had he dreamed that he was being so neatly tricked.
She had been shocked at his apathy at the time of the pirate attack, and chagrined that it should have been necessary for von Horn to have insisted upon a proper guard being left with her thereafter.
But the Madagonians were unsuccessful, which so chagrined them that never thereafter in all their land was a Novakatkan secure in property or life.
As a man Thackeray was at home and at ease only among people of formal good breeding; he shrank from direct contact with the common people; in spite of his assaults on the frivolity and vice of fashionable society, he was fond of it; his spirit was very keenly analytical; and he would have been chagrined by nothing more than by seeming to allow his emotion to get the better of his judgment.
commanded Prince Michael, in so potent a voice that the disturbed one wheeled around with a somewhat chagrined laugh.
There is no control over PMDC (Pakistan Medical and Dental Council), while worst calibre of doctors were being produced, virtually destroying health spectrum of the entire Nation", chagrined the committee members.
21 ( ANI ): Failed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was photographed looking chagrined with mussed hair, as he fueled his SUV at a gas station near his home in California.
Retd) Abdul Qadir Baloch was chagrined over the fact that no steps had been taken to contain illegal theft of electricity, whose production touched 16000-17000 MWs.
Klitschko, in a statement released Wednesday morning, said he was chagrined that he has been spending more time dealing with injuries than he has in the ring.
The editor is clearly chagrined about the state of the Church today: "The Church is experiencing a terrible crisis of faith in our times.
Immense amounts of money were squandered, reputations were tarnished, and the consumer was left, as is so often the case, chagrined, puzzled, shortchanged, miffed.
A clearly chagrined Altman urged council members not to be swayed by the lopsided margin.