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a metal pan over a heater

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The side of the chafing dish shows a view of courtiers walking in pairs in various parts of a formal garden, complete with a tunnel of love.
At home, the cooked meat can be kept hot in a warm oven (approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit), in a chafing dish or slow cooker, or on a warming tray.
Alternatively, pour into a 1 1/2- to 2-cup ceramic fondue pan or metal chafing dish in a water-bath jacket.
The crepes are cooked in a well-buttered pan, and then flambeed with orange liqueur (such as Crand Marnier) in a chafing dish.
Menu alternatives can be as simple as a chafing dish with pasta and sauce.
Goody has been active on the export front since 1987, carving out markets in Japan, Korea, the USA and Europe for its robust, CAS- or JFFA-approved line of dumplings, dim sum, steamed buns, rice balls and chafing dish ingredients.
Of all of winter's foods, fondue is the most communal, bringing friends together around a simmering chafing dish.
Transfer meatballs to 2 1/2- to 3-quart chafing dish.
FaceCake Director of Content and Marketing, Donna Amato, summed it up nicely: "Most of us played princess or prince at some time in our lives, and now we can make that fantasy a virtual reality - except, instead of dressing up in a tiara, we're wearing an industrial-sized chafing dish.
The idea never got beyond a terracotta model but by including the design in the chafing dish infers that the queen was complimenting the king on his grandiose scheme.
NOTES: For a good show, prepare this French classic at the table in an attractive frying pan over a tabletop burner or in a chafing dish with canned fuel.
23 /PRNewswire/ -- What's a holiday party without meatballs -- whether it's bite-sized hors d'oeuvres served on toothpicks or a chafing dish filled with tiny orbs of meat floating in sauce?
NOTE: Hot chocolate can be served from a chafing dish or slow cooker on a buffet table, if desired.
NOTES: Use a cooking pan, metal chafing dish without the water bath jacket, a metal fondue pan, or an electric fondue pan with heat turned to high.
Serve warm from a chafing dish or fondue pot with corn chips for dipping.