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Synonyms for chaff

Synonyms for chaff

to tease or mock good-humoredly

good-natured teasing

Synonyms for chaff

material consisting of seed coverings and small pieces of stem or leaves that have been separated from the seeds

foil in thin strips

Related Words

be silly or tease one another

References in classic literature ?
Unless it be to carry there the family's blessing," I went on, indulging my chaffing humour steadily, in a rather sneaking fashion, for I dared not look at Mrs.
Dolly described his visit with the key, while her father-in-law gave satisfaction by chaffing her and contradicting all she said.
Joe takes the new hat in his hand, and puts the money into it, and then, as if a thought strikes him, and he doesn't think his victory quite acknowledged down below, walks to each face of the stage, and looks down, shaking the money, and chaffing, as how he'll stake hat and money and another half-sovereign "agin any gamester as hasn't played already.
The idea seems to be that the fellow was brought to one of the houses in the neighbourhood, and we were all rather chaffing one another this morning about it.
The conversation did not flag for an instant, so that the princess, who always kept in reserve, in case a subject should be lacking, two heavy guns--the relative advantages of classical and of modern education, and universal military service--had not to move out either of them, while Countess Nordston had not a chance of chaffing Levin.
I stopped to think, for his tone had changed, and I felt sure he was chaffing me.
Well, I did hear Wolfendon chaffing him the other day about somebody," she said.