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small European finch with a cheerful song

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They are to: Create sustainable population centres of blue chaffinch in the pine forests around the summit of Gran Canaria; Improve the viability of the population through release of birds into the wild from the captive breeding centre; Increase the population size of blue chaffinch on the island of Gran Canaria; and Enhance the operation of ecological corridors, established in an earlier project (LIFE07 NAT/E/000759).
The most targeted bird was chaffinch followed by the blackcap, the common quail and song thrush, the report added.
It has been documented in other garden birds, including the chaffinch.
Blue Heron Consulting, a newly formed business division of Blue Heron Communications, announces the hiring of William "Mitch" Mitchell and Adam Chaffinch as regional managers.
In 2006, in the Midlands and West of England chaffinch breeding success declined by 20 per cent and greenfinch breeding success by 35 per cent.
I was especially pleased with the photograph of the chaffinch, as I caught it in mid-flight and the colours look stunning.
Charlton went on to complete a double in the mile maiden with Chaffinch.
Samples of common chaffinch songs were obtained from 16 different populations in the Atlantic islands, North Africa, and southern Europe.
The research goes some way to unravelling the mystery of why numbers of some closely related species, such as the thriving chaffinch and the struggling goldfinch, are moving in different directions.
Now she has outside slippers, she can tell a chaffinch from a tit (hey).
One trend to emerge was a fall in the number of finches - chaffinch, gold finch and greenfinch - both nationally and in the North East.
A team of five members from a British charity established to promote cooperation between charities serving people in poor areas, Chaffinch Trust Limited, has visited Ghana to explore cooperation fields.
Winter is with us and our bird table is busy - house sparrows, dunnock, siskin, greenfinch, chaffinch, reed bunting, great tit, blue tit, coal tit, blackbird, robin and wren.
Birds such as the collared dove and chaffinch have prospered, but many more saw declines.