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wrangle (over a price, terms of an agreement, etc.)

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A total of three athletes namely, John Farrow, Lucy Chaffer and Michelle Steele comprised the skeleton team.
Ian Underdown (RA Information Systems), Andrea Bolton (Longbridge Technology Park), James Chaffer (UKSPA).
We don't know whether its leatherjackets, chaffer grubs [responsible for localised infestation on the 5f chute at an Epsom meeting last September] or what the cause of these unstable areas is.
SHAWFIELD 1st - Fortunate Vieri 2nd - Roseville Roger 3rd - Pantalot to beat Brockville Bert 4th - Roxys Lady to beat Love Patch 5th - Faughan Fantasy to beat Black Mariah 6th - Glenburn Elite to beat Tia Mia 7th - Ashleaf Lad to beat Chaffer Tam 8th - North Park 9th - Walsall Jess 10th - Daisys Magic 11th - Micks Mein 12th - Mussels Galore CRAYFORD 11.
In Turpin, the fact that an accused person charged with murder could not request a trial by judge alone in Ontario, yet he could do so in Alberta, was found not to violate Chaffer s.
Multiple tilting elements (for both the chaffer and sieve) make up the self-leveling shoe and allow for easy one-person removal of the shoe elements.
Bearpark Artists Co-operative is holding a watercolour class by Romney Chaffer in Bearpark Community Centre tonight (7.
In the cleansing area the grain filters through a chaffer and sieve with debris again being blown out.
A new chaffer more effectively stratifies heavy chaff loads, allowing cleaner amounts of free grain to be deposited through the fixed louvers.
This experience and familiarity with the program and its participating laboratories will be of great value to GA and the GA/S chaffer Team in supporting the target fabrication needs, including characterization, of the laboratories today and in the future.
Whole 'Nother Deal, by Don Chaffer & Waterdeep.
Fawthrop, Nia Fisher, Ben Garner, Jocelyn Hawkyard, Stuart Chaffer, Emma Hennigan, Nicholas Johnson, Emma Kerslake, Robert Kramer, David Lee, Rory Locke, Gary Milner, Tommi Sliiden, Scarlett Strallen, Lyndsey Wise, Maria Holley, Remy Martyn, Claire Morland, Leo Bidwell, Ross Dawes, Philip Comley.
Steven Chaffer is an adviser to Tasmanian Greens Senator Bob Brown and a member of the Friends of the Quiet Lands.