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Synonyms for chaff

Synonyms for chaff

to tease or mock good-humoredly

good-natured teasing

Synonyms for chaff

material consisting of seed coverings and small pieces of stem or leaves that have been separated from the seeds

foil in thin strips

Related Words

be silly or tease one another

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A random chaff point is computationally distinguishable because it can include unrealistic values and is vulnerable to brute force attacks [7][19].
Chaff and flares are passive and defensive countermeasures to confuse and divert radar-guided or infrared-guided missiles fired by enemy aircraft, land launchpads and sites and vessels.
The author grew up in a home where stories about his Eastern European ancestors escape from the pogroms of Russia were served at mealtime and led Joel to write "The Chaff," a novel of coming toAmerica.
Also positive correlation between fertile tillers with chaff weight, days to heading with days to maturity and 1000 grain weight, days to maturity with 1000 grain weight, plant height with number of seeds per main spike, and 1000 grain weight with harvest index was obtained.
Some questions and answers proposed by Threshing the Cosmic Chaff seem equivalent to the inane question of how many angels can dance on the head or point of a pin (a theological puzzle that scholars often mistakenly associate with the works of Aquinas).
If the wind changed and blew back on the big machine, it brought a rain of suffocating straw and chaff.
But the problem with existing fiberglass chaff is that it is too big and too easy to detect, asserts Gassman.
The chaff had reignited, becoming a 6-inch flame that melted the tote
Confidential,'' but in adapting that book, screenwriter Brian Helgeland and director Curtis Hanson took a scythe to Ellroy's endless plottings, leaving the wheat, dispensing with the chaff.
That's why he--or she--needs to have a liberal education, so all this whirlwind of a little wheat and a lot of chaff that is the news won't be novel to him.
Mechanics, maintenance on the M130 chaff dispenser shouldn't turn into a job for the AVIM shop.
To make sense of all the complexity, there is an ever-growing need for dispassionate summaries that give outsiders a sense of the overall picture while sifting the wheat from the chaff.
What separates the wheat from the chaff are personality, leadership, networking, management potential--all those soft skills.
If Welch is such a great chaff separator, what are his sources for this statement?
During OIF, the DC-130A was deployed to a forward operating location where it was used to launch BQM-34 Firebee target drones near Baghdad, Iraq, dropping radar-jamming chaff and decoys to draw antiaircraft fire away from coalition strike aircraft.