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Synonyms for chafed

painful from having the skin abraded


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answered she, 'I used the butter to grease those poor trees that the wheels chafed so: and one of the cheeses ran away so I sent the other after it to find it, and I suppose they are both on the road together somewhere.
This exhibition of anger was noted by all present; and from an apprehension of exasperating a temper that was already chafed nearly to madness, several minutes were suffered to pass before another word was uttered.
For six years her sons had chafed under an unwonted peace.
He felt that; and yet he chafed it still, and could not lay it down.
Tom fretted and chafed awhile in a whirlwind of disorganizing sensations and emotions, and finally said, with something like settled conviction:
Bewildered though I was by my Teacher's enigmatic utterance, I no longer chafed against it, but worshipped him in silent adoration.
It was thrown almost flat over upon its side, and the reeds chafed the silk so roughly that it seemed as though they would tear it.
Maintenance found the B+ power wire chafed at the engine intake manifold, approximately six inches below the alternator.
If your dog lies down, or holds up or favors a booted paw, stop immediately and check to see if the boot has moved out of position or chafed.
Chafed harness wires may cause a short circuit, increasing the risk of a fire.
Where previously the focus has been on the mechanical structure of support arm systems, cable installations within support arm systems often had no passive internal safety devices, such as edge protection elements, to prevent chafed cables.