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a stiff chitinous seta or bristle especially of an annelid worm

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Subcoxa 1 of legs I-III with 1,0,0 pso, dorsal pso formula: 3(4)3(2)/022/33(4)342(3), ventral tube with 6-8+6-8 modified chaetae P.
On head the p2 chaetae displaced forward in relation to p1 and p3 (Fig.
2A); chaetae include dorsal fascicle of 3-4 geniculate bilimbate chaetae, five modified spines alternating with spear-shaped companion chaetae and fascicle of short unilimbate neurochaetae; younger modified spines generally straight with sharp points, older spines worn, with slight concavity (Fig.
Comparison: New material mostly corresponding with original description and paratype examined (Day 1957); in the paratype the last 12 chaetigers are abranchiate, falling within the range observed in the new material, posterior inferior companion chaetae are not mentioned in the description but are present in both the new material and the paratype, although they are present on fewer chaetigers in the latter.
Because of body shape, dorsal chaetae type and absence of eyes, Paleonura saproxylica sp.
Redescription of four Polish Endonura Cassagnau, 1979 (Collembola, Neanuridae, Neanurinae), with a nomenclature of the ventral chaetae of antennae.
Chaetae before clitellum by 3-4(5), backwards by 2-3, straight or slightly bent, tapering, sharp-tipped, 28-84 (most often 40-50) [micro]m long (Fig.
For some chaetae it is complicated to decide meso- or macrochaetae (Figs.
IV with globular apex; basolateral ms above the 2nd proximal row of chaetae (Fig.
Paired chaetae associated with spiral shells of the late Early Cambrian mollusc Pelagiella from the Kinzers Formation; taphonomy, functional morphology, and potential evolutionary relationships.
The genus is characterized by long hose-like atria, vestigial vasa deferentia, small or completely lacking prostate glands, and presence (in most species) of simple-pointed and distally grooved, often nib-shaped, spermathecal chaetae (Fig.
Indeed, there are similarities in outline and microstructure to particular extracellular 'tough parts' in living polychaete annelids, including the fans of abdominal chaetae in various sabellids (although the Mount Cap elements are not fused proximally; cf.
The shell-boring polychaete species were identified on the basis of fifth setiger chaetae, prostomium and pygidium morphology, and branchiae distribution.
Ventral pseudocellar formula 2/011/2112, PAO with 15-17 vesicles, mvo with 4 modified chaetae on Abd.