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a stiff chitinous seta or bristle especially of an annelid worm

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keulderae also has companion chaetae accompanying the hooded hooks for only the last two chaetigers (the presence of a winged chaeta with only the hooded hooks on the right neuropodia on chaetigers 7 and 8 in one specimen suggests that this is an anomaly), while the other two species have companion chaetae with the anterior hooded hooks.
This was indicated by the absence of significant differences in fluctuating asymmetry for wing length and sternopleural chaeta number between density regimes (data not presented).
III sensory organ; chaeta d0 on head absent; maxillary palp without sublobal hair; 1 guard chaeta on labial papilla E, chaetae in distal row of tibiotarsi as 7.
In this study we use the term embryo to refer to all developmental stages in which segments with chaeta (setigers) have not been formed, and larva when setigers have been formed, independent of the location of the individual (inside or outside the capsule).
However, in Drosophila there is a tendency for males to be more unstable than females for sternopleural chaeta number (Mather 1953; Reeve 1960; Jokela and Portin 1991), although this may reflect Y-chromosome (a haploid element) effects on chaeta number (Jokela and Portin 1991).
The effect of parental age on sternopleural chaeta number in Drosophila melanogaster.