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any of several United States plants having long stalks of funnel-shaped white or yellow flowers

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Individuals of Chaenactis in plots from which shrubs had been removed were significantly smaller (by 10%) than those in other plots well before peak biomass (February 22).
Survival of Schismus was affected positively by shrub canopies to the largest extent, and Chaenactis survival was affected negatively to the largest extent.
There is sound evidence for the origin of two diploid species of Chaenactis by different fusions from a single ancestor.
The independent aneuploid origin of two species of Chaenactis (Compositae) from a common ancestor.
campestris Baileya pleniradiata HP Chaenactis fremontii A Oryzopsis hymenoides HP C.
3 Bouteloua barbata A Not infested Bromus rubens A Not infested Chaenactis fremontil A 10.
Family Species Growth form Asteraceae Chaenactis artemisiifolia Annual Boraginaceae Cryptantha clevelandi Annual C.