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a cloth used as a head covering (and veil and shawl) by Muslim and Hindu women

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Dice con acierto el critico frances Chauvin: "Al autorizar a las mujeres a fundirse en la masa, el chador las protege y al mismo tiempo las condena a la inexistencia social, las reduce al estado de masa negra".
In the final sequence, the nomadic women, veiled in traditional black chadors, have endured passage across the dreadfully desolate countryside in order to make their way to the ocean's edge.
In the morning, Nazy wore a chador, was handcuffed and blindfolded and walked with a guard to an interrogation center known as the Evin School -- so called perhaps because of the school desks used there.
Since dressing in a full chador is not the British custom she wondered if women could still claim to choose it out of modesty.
Darabi refused to wear the restrictive chador while working with patients and as a result was eventually hounded from her teaching post, her hospital appointment, and her private practice.
Since 1983 in Iran women have been obliged by law to wear the chador.
But throughout yesterday's 90-minute session she showed our photographer the red card and held on tight to her traditional Iranian ladies' kit, the chador.
14, the doctor answered a letter from a Muslim girl who complained about being forced to wear a chador by her father.
While many, if not most, of them would wear the chador even if it were not required by law, hundreds of thousands would not wear it.
But Nazie, whose ears were attuned to the hissing grease, stood calmly, wiping her hands on the ends of her chador, which absorbed the flour and oil between her fingers.
The chador is back as an issue after President Rohani directed his new vice president to abandon her headscarf and jacket and start wearing chadors.
The commissioner also visited the mazar of renowned Sufi saint Hazrat Khawaja Ghulam Fareed and laid Chador on the grave.
I think, God willing, the sales of burqas will decrease, then I will sell chador namaz and even maybe mantau chalvar," Yusefy said, standing behind the counter of his small outlet on a strip of burqa shops in the main market of Herat city.
You will have to wait two weeks until Saturday, September 27, for the next big exhibition, Newsha Tavakolian's SISTERS IN CHANEL AND CHADOR, a surprising look at Iran and the women in the axis of evil.