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a group of minerals of the zeolite family consisting of a hydrous silicate of calcium and aluminum


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No regional zoning of zeolite assemblages was apparent in this study Figure 8 shows that the zoning sequence and textural evidence suggest the following crystallisation sequence: first K-rich clay (nontronite) followed by K-rich mica (celadonite), carbonate (calcite), cryptocrystalline silica (e g chalcedony), then thomsonite followed by chabazite, analcime, phillipsite and wairakite, and natrolite, laumontite, and stilbite-type minerals (stilbite and stellerite) Zeolites' stability ields are known from modern hydrothermal systems (Kristmannsdottir and Tomasson, 1978) and the observed sequence in the samples studied here conformed to a progressive decrease in temperature favouring hydrothermal system hydration.
A sequential formation of zeolites and associated secondary minerals filling amygdales and veins in tertiary basaltic host rocks from the Isle of Skye has been described in this study From early to late formation and, from outermost to innermost portions of the cavities, nontronite, celadonite, thomsonite, phillipsite, chabazite, analcime, natrolite, mesolite, stilbite, scolecite and laumontite and stilbite were sequentially found However, individual complexly zoned amygdales and veins show evidence of multiple fluid-circulation events, showing a contrast in mineral assemblages from different cavities.
Structural classification Identified zeolitic phases Heulandite group (C4-C4-T1) stellerite, stilbite, stellerite-Na, Stilbite-Ca Chabazite group (C6) chabazite, levyne, chabazite-Ca, chabazite-Na Analcime group (C4-C4) analcime, wairakite, analcime-Mg Natrolite group (C4-T1) natrolite, thomsonite, thomsonite-Ca Phillipsite group (C4) phillipsite, phillipsite-Na Laumontite group (C8) laumontite
They are "heulandite" (heulandite sensu stricto and clinoptilolite), chabazite, analcime, stilbite, barrerite, epistilbite, gmelinite, laumontite, natrolite, mesolite, scolecite, stellerite, tetranatrolite, thomsonite, and wairakite.
Chabazite is usually vitreous and salmon pink, yellow, or colourless.
Massive light-pink "heulandite" identified by XRD resembled chabazite in hand specimen.
Chabazite is the dominant zeolite, occurring most commonly in veins.
Celadonite, silica minerals, "heulandite," analcime, and chabazite predominate in amygdales in the basalt flows and in basalt clasts in the McCoy Brook Formation, suggesting that these minerals were "early" (Fig.
The zeolites identified in the Five Island area are chabazite, "heulandite", barrerite, and stilbite.
The most abundant zeolite on the larger island is analcime, whereas gmelinite and chabazite are common and stilbite and natrolite are rare (I.
Chabazite and stilbite are abundant among our studied samples; "heulandite", barrerite, epistilbite, and natrolite are rare.