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a group of minerals of the zeolite family consisting of a hydrous silicate of calcium and aluminum


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Only spheroidal and flower-like morphologies as well as the relict kaolinite (Figure 5a) or metakaolinite (Figure 5b) flaky crystals are observed, but not the characteristic morphologies of zeolites Na-Pl, Linde Type Y and chabazite.
Hollow crystals of gmelinite-Ca could have probably formed by mutual intergrowth with chabazite (described by Tschernich, 1992) and its later dissolution.
Schlische and Olsen (1989) noted that narrow neptunian dykes are commonly silicified, and that cataclastic basalt contains chabazite, but some faults that they interpreted as almost syn-depositional lack zeolite mineralisation.
Lee, and Julian Gale successfully applied quantum mechanical calculations to predict and understand the absorption of methanol at Brvnsted acid sites - the place where catalysis occurs - in chabazite and sodalite zeolites.
9 Science results from an analysis of a synthetic solid catalyst, HSAPO-34, similar to the naturally occurring zeolitic mineral chabazite.
In batch testing, zeobrite, zeocarb, and chabazite removed 78, 83, and 99 percent, respectively of cadmium from a 20 mg/L cadmium solution.
The growth of the K-phillipsite in a radial array from the centre of K chabazite shows a typical growth mechanism from a nucleating point in an essentially amorphous material.
Another granite pegmatite region, that of Strzegom-Sobotka (formerly "Striegau"), Silesia, Poland, has produced good specimens of octahedral pink fluorite in crystals exceptionally to 15 cm on edge, associated with good crystals of quartz, microcline, albite, stilbite and chabazite (Praszkier and Siuda, 2008).
Only a few specimens of chabazite are known from the Braen quarry, the largest observed crystal measuring 1 cm.
This peculiar pocket assemblage also includes microcrystals of white chabazite.
Typical minerals of the quartz veins and their cavities include albite, fluorapatite, calcite, chabazite, clinochlore, dolomite, goethite, graphite, kaolinite, muscovite, molybdenite, pyrite, pyrrhotite, quartz, rutile, siderite and tourmaline.
Jordi also had some newly mined stilbite and chabazite from near the same location in Imilchil.
Quartz occurs in Val Giuv not only as gwindels but also as lustrous, transparent smoky prisms to 10 cm long, very commonly twinned on the Dauphine law; as colorless transparent crystals of typically "Swiss Alpine" brilliance; as crystals included by tiny crystals of chabazite, pyrite and fluorapatite, and by hollow "anhydrite tubes"; as faden crystals; as crystals showing multiple phantoms outlined by chlorite; and, especially during the past fifty years, as excellent amethyst crystals, some sceptered, to 13 cm long (Jahn, 2004).
Secondly, Jordi Fabre and a couple of dealers in "Val Expo" had nice miniature specimens of chabazite very recently found near Imilchil, with sharp, shining, pinkish orange rhombohedral crystals to 1 cm forming cavity linings and making little heaps on matrix.