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Synonyms for cha-cha

a modern ballroom dance from Latin America

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Davide, who was among those who drafted the 1987 Constitution, said Cha-cha proponents promise that federalism, a major part of their Cha-cha, will result in a good life for the people.
Cruz minced no words lambasting Duterte, saying the latter has not offered anything with clarity about Cha-cha or federalism and the consultative commission mandated to study the process of Cha-cha disregarded the Constitution as its establishment was only promulgated through an executive order and not through Congress.
Sa aking pakikipag-usap sa mga congressman ire-railroad ang Cha-cha and have it ratified in October or November,' he said.
If this Cha-cha succeeds, there is no need to hide pork barrel in the departments since the new Constitution allows it," added the former solon who was the principal author of House Bill (HB) 1535 in the 16th Congress which led to the abolition of pork barrel.
For good measure, they'd make local officials campaign and clap to their Cha-Cha, or else lose their internal revenue allotments.
Cha-Cha also became a minor celebrity when he escaped, albeit temporarily, from a Japanese zoo by using his best chimpamzee skills to get on to some power lines and then scurrying a good distance down the road.
Citing her musical influences as Bikini Kill, the Indigo Girls and No Doubt, Cha-Cha has been a ska-punk poetess in Worcester for the past two years, in addition to performing cabaret and Spanish folk on the side.
I hope that Cha-Cha and Zee go on many more adventure trips and Indigo Tyler writes many more books like this one.
Sardine in Outer Space contains potty humor--the cha-cha fly poops chocolate turds, and there is a reflection that shows Little Louie seemingly urinating on the planet Bubulina (where Supermuscleman makes his home).
Some of my friends at school, which was a very serious, college prep high school, were very studious during the week but then do the whole cha-cha thing on the weekend and I would hear all about it every Monday.
Back in the '50s, when it seemed half the pop tunes on the radio had "cha-cha-cha" in the chores, choreographers knew Latin dancing was de rigueur in shows--a conga in Wonderful Town, a cha-cha for Bells Are Ringing, a mambo for Damn Yankees.
EXOTIC parrots Cha-Cha and Salsa have picked up the Doric dialect of north-east Scotland.
The BAYAN (New Patriotic Alliance) claims that Estrada's Cha-Cha poses "a threat to the democratic fights of the people" and warns that "human rights and civil liberties appear to be a target.
Florangel Rosario Braid, who was a member of the 1987 Constitutional Convention, also backed the BBL passage ahead of Cha-cha and the proposed shift to a federal form of government.
Moreover, like normal bills, Garcia said all the Cha-cha proposals of the four subcommittees will be submitted to the mother committee for another round of deliberation.