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Synonyms for cha-cha

a modern ballroom dance from Latin America

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The top House leader also noted that just last week, former Constitutional Commission delegate member and now University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) research head Bernardo Villegas backed the cha-cha move and emphasized that now is the time that the Philippines should open the country to direct foreign investments considering that some of its neighboring countries are very aggressive.
We thank him for helping open the minds of Filipinos on the significance and necessity of undertaking cha-cha now," said Belmonte.
The Speaker said in anticipation of cha-cha, the House of Representatives before adjournment last June 11, had ratified the Committee Report on House Bill 3984 and Senate Bill 2159 which allows the full entry of foreign banks.
Citing her musical influences as Bikini Kill, the Indigo Girls and No Doubt, Cha-Cha has been a ska-punk poetess in Worcester for the past two years, in addition to performing cabaret and Spanish folk on the side.
Cha-Cha insists the streetwalkers and the strippers of the world don't all need saving; in fact, some of them enjoy making a brutally honest living and are better for it, on the unorthodox, unflinching and in-your-face female empowerment anthem, "That's What She Said.
I hope that Cha-Cha and Zee go on many more adventure trips and Indigo Tyler writes many more books like this one.
Sardine in Outer Space contains potty humor--the cha-cha fly poops chocolate turds, and there is a reflection that shows Little Louie seemingly urinating on the planet Bubulina (where Supermuscleman makes his home).
Mambo Kings is about two Cuban brothers who come to Manhattan to break into the Latin club scene--the one inspiring those Broadway songwriters to add cha-chas.
During the past school year, the company performed the Argentine tango and the cha-cha to "Dance With Me" by Debelah Morgan.
EXOTIC parrots Cha-Cha and Salsa have picked up the Doric dialect of north-east Scotland.
Cha-Cha 66 Newton Road Mumbles SA3 4BE 01792 366722 She may be finding her feet in the fashion world, but boutique owner Geraldine Reynolds is already a winner.
There is currently 20% off all winter stock at Cha-Cha.
PALMDALE - Salsa, waltz, swing, tango, cha-cha, fox trot, merengue, the Lindy Hop, rumba, hustle and samba dances will be performed at ``A Night of Dance'' 7 to 10 p.
Interestingly, the connecting link for this Africa-to-America movement trip is the mambo and cha-cha, which were preeminently popular in urban black America in the 1950s through the 1 970s.
If you're in the mood for an evening of hip-swaying tribal-house beats, then get your cha-cha heels on.