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the circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things

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The Holy Spirit and Ch'i (Qi) is Yun's first book since his important 2003 comparative survey, Baptism in the Holy Spirit.
Despite the fragmentary state of the extant evidence, however, even such a decidedly cautious scholar as Nathan Sivin recognizes "the large role of Ch'i in forming institutions of patronage.
The result is a guide for martial artists to perfecting the mind, rising above hesitation, indecision, or distractions, and harnessing the flow of the dynamic energy of ch'i to empower transformation.
Try pilates, tai ch'i, or dance classes--no matter how young, or old, you are.
Having developed in China between 3,000 and 4,000 years ago, GO (called Wei Ch'i in China and Baduk in Korea) contends with backgammon for the right to be called the oldest game still played in its original form.
Men will be offered weight and height measurements, and there will be Tai ch'i demonstrations and cycling demonstrations.
The universe produced ch'i (the vital breath) and it was like a whirlpool swirling between two banks.
An entryway allows for the flow of ch'i (pronounced chee) or life energy.
The Center, or Tai Ch'i, is not ruled by any of the eight Trigrams, yet occupies the heart of the Pa Kua.
Let me quote Liang Ch'i Ch'ao from Sun Tzu's "The Art of War": `Similarly, if a small crime is considered crime, but a big crime such as attacking another country is applauded as a righteous act, can this be said to be knowing the difference between righteous and unrighteous?
By applying some basic Fang Shui principles, you can enhance the Ch'i (energy) and establish harmony and balance in your apartment environments.
te ch'I quadro ha ricevuto che staro inrieramenre a gusto mio, er in vole resro particolarm.
To experience the connected cosmos, to sense intuitively the Earth's intelligence, and to feel the body's somatic energy, or ch'i, all lead toward an integrative understanding of our relationship to the universe, to the planet, and to our bodies" (Dunbar, 2000, p.
These include Ch'i yun: The meaning of spirit; Bone structure: The brushstrokes used in Chinese painting are known as the bone structure or bony framework (on their excellence, or lack of it, a painting stands or falls); Likeness: The artist's striving to reproduce the forms of nature--not necessarily in a realistic manner; Coloring: Varying with earlier styles, color was used sometimes delicately, sometimes brightly, but always conforming to the subject--black is considered a color; Composition: A matter of balance, the artist weighs his subject against the spaces in his painting; and Copying classical models or copying from the ancients: This method is followed only through the student years.
Careful students of Asian culture will recognize that manipulating ch'i is also a central tenet of acupuncture.