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system of measurement based on centimeters and grams and seconds


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Both GAP and CGS contribute significant experience and resources to this new partnership, which will establish a strong operating platform that we can build upon.
We are very excited to work together with Deluxe in providing mastering services for CGS screens and promoting CGS systems in the broader market.
CGS started out selling inventory solutions to the apparel vertical--a business in which it remains to this day.
CEO Phil Friedman's deep understanding of the international business environment should continue to propel CGS forward," commented Stephen Loynd, Program Manager for Contact Center Services research at IDC.
Army Intelligence Center (USAIC) provided training for OIF CGS teams in country as the MTI Forensics Tool Sets were fielded in August and September 2006.
This is a significant move for CGS, as it provides the firm with the perfect platform to meet its current space requirements as well as any future expansion.
The CGS was constructed in the Philippines at a specially built graving dock at Green Beach, Subic Bay.
Although the jury did not return a verdict in favor of CGS, they prepared a statement for the parties as part of its verdict.
Since being deployed for NOAA's Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership in 2011, JPSS CGS, one of the few multi-mission ground solutions, is now providing unprecedented global observation capability," said Bill Sullivan, JPSS CGS program director for Raytheon's Intelligence and Information Systems business.
We identified a strategic opportunity three years ago to invest in Romanian and build our global delivery centers in an area where we saw a highly motivated workforce of dedicated, well-educated, professionals and the infrastructure needed to deliver world-class customer care," said Phil Friedman, CGS President, Chairman and CEO.
Many of the 96H (Common Ground Station Operator) soldiers in these units would never see a live data feed prior to deployment if not for the capability of sending data through the network to their CGS and/or JSWS at their home stations or mobilization training sites.
Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, CGS provides a variety of services for the federal Medicare program including claims processing, customer service, and claims payment for over 16 million Medicare beneficiaries, providers, and suppliers in 17 U.
Achieving ISO recertification reflects the commitment of our company to providing high-quality services to our customers," CGS President Steve Smith said.
AOL selected CGS Romania (formerly Easycall) after an extensive supplier landscape analysis to leverage its accent-neutral service delivery location with a low level of competition for resources and a highly-skilled workforce.
The conference was an outstanding exchange of recent combat experiences and uses of Joint STARS and the CGS.