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a cationic detergent that is a powerful disinfectant

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granatum Extract-based ointment as well as the cetrimide cream exhibited a very significant increase in hydroxyproline levels as compared to the untreated group (63% and 61.
It is thus reasonable to postulate that with a background of higher sensitivity to parasympathetic stimulation, the coldness of the cetrimide cleaning solution may have stimulated the area resulting in the bradycardia.
Cetrimide susceptibility testing: Susceptibility of isolates to cetrimide was determined by broth micro dilution method.
Natural bentonite AN was organically modified by ionexchange reaction with the cetrimide using 16 g of the natural bentonite clay and 7.
The Direct TIBC reagent set consists of Reagent 1 (R1), which contains 166 [micro]mol/L Chromazurol B (Dojindo Molecular Technologies), 735 [micro]mol/L cetrimide (Sigma Chemical Co.
Decontamination was done by the procedure optimized earlier (9) by 3 per cent sodium dodecyl sulfate SDS, 4 per cent NaOH and 2 per cent cetrimide and the processed suspension was inoculated on Lowenstein-Jensen (L-J) slants in duplicate which were incubated at 30 and 37[degrees]C respectively.
Upon harvesting, 25 [micro]L of broth was added to 2 mL of brain-heart infusion broth, incubated for 4 h, and plated on cetrimide, Chapman, and bile-esculin-acid agar containing 10 mg/L of vancomycin (after an enrichment step of 18 h in broth containing 1 mg/L of vancomycin) to detect Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, and vancomycin-resistant enterococci, respectively.
Biochemical and physiological tests have shown that the bacterial species used is a gram negative, oxidase positive, nitrate reducing, catalase positive, cetrimide positive, manganese oxidizing, slime forming, rod shaped bacterium, to the genus Pseudomonas sp.
For feces, aliquots were plated on Chromagar, Cetrimide (Bio-Merieux), and Chapman agar for detection of yeasts, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and S.