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a vitamin found in fresh fruits (especially citrus fruits) and vegetables

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The market has been segmented on the basis of applications such as diesel, gasoline, aviation fuel, and on the basis of types which are deposit control, antioxidant, corrosion inhibitor, lubricity & cetane improvers, octane improvers, and stability improvers.
RBE density and kinematic viscosity are slightly higher than those of RME, while the cetane number and the calorific value of RBE exceed those of RME.
It also can be used to track other critical analyses performed on biodiesel including the concentration of light metals, sulfur and phosphorous, as well as the values for flash point, kinematic viscosity and cetane number.
The 23-year-old South African took on two-year-old female Cetane in a 100 metre sprint - although he was given a 30 metre headstart.
However, the high concentrations of aromatics makes its use as a diesel blending stock difficult, since high concentrations of aromatics lower the cetane number of diesel and also contributes to the formation of particulate emissions in exhaust gases.
Along with developing superior technology for cleaning exhaust gas, Honda plans to address other technical challenges in developing clean diesel engines, such as handling diesel fuels with different cetane numbers and meeting U.
Malcolm Wells, communications manager for Sasol Chevron, told The Surveyor that GTLD had a cetane (ignition quality) of more than 70 compared to a traditional diesel cetane of 52 "and from that point of view our product gives a performance bonus straight away--you get a cleaner burn which reduces engine wear, you get much better cold start properties, less noise and less smoke, so straight away, compared to traditional diesel, you've got a performance benefit and an emissions benefit.
According to Blue Sun, the company's B20 blend, a mixture of 80 percent low-sulfur diesel, 20 percent biodiesel and a proprietary eco-additive that increases cetane, storage life and performance, is capable of operating at temperatures as low as negative 30 degrees Fahrenheit.
Fuel analyzers use either nearor mid-infrared spectroscopy to analyze a variety of fuel parameters, including cetane, aromatics, octane, distillation and evaporation points, and volatile organic compounds emissions, among others.
This ability is quantified by the fuel's cetane number, where a higher cetane number means that the fuel ignites more quickly.
has expanded its Cooperative Fuel Research (CFR) product line by introducing a Fuel Ignition Tester (FIT) instrument that quickly determines ignition delay and derived cetane number of diesel fuel.
E-diesel is a blend of 5 percent special blending additive with cetane enhancer, at least 80 percent No.
Specialty additives will also continue to record healthy gains, especially cetane improvers and other diesel fuel additives.
In addition to increase in production capacity, Syncrode is also pursuing near term and midterm projects to improve product quality by improving the cetane number of diesel fuel, the smoke point of jet fuel, and the quality of HGO as FCC feed.