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Synonyms for boxing



Synonyms for boxing

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As with all gaming peripherals nowadays, the Cestus is customizable.
Star Wars: The Cestus Deception (a clone wars novel), Steven Barnes
For example, Daley quotes Ruskin's statement in The Cestus of Aglaia (1865) about Leonardo's capriciousness: "'Because Leonardo made models of machines, dug canals, built fortifications, and dissipated half his art-power in capricious ingenuities, we have many anecdotes of him;--but no picture of importance on canvas, and only a few withered stains of one upon a wall.
In the end, Greece was to be more important, and its increasing significance in his writing is traceable from The Ethics of the Dust and The Cestus of Aglaia (1865-66) to the climax of The Queen of the Air (1869).
70), the girdle or cestus described in Jerusalem Delivered as "beautifu l beyond all ornament.
Instantly, Miss Skiffins stopped it with the neatness of a placid boxer, took off that girdle or cestus as before, and laid it on the table.
By a poetical fiction, all women of irresistible attraction are supposed to be wearers of Aphrodite's girdle, or the cestus.