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Synonyms for cesspool

a place known for its great filth or corruption

Synonyms for cesspool

a covered cistern

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Cesspools serving resorts and restaurants can pollute the groundwater and nearshore waters where people swim, said Jared Blumenfeld, EPA s Regional Administrator for the Pacific Southwest.
They include responsibility for the cleaning of privvies and the emptying of cesspools, according to a report to this week's council meeting.
We have over 300 cesspools flooding everyday that require an urgent solution to the problem," said Mr Al Mohannadi.
IRISH cities are turning into crime-ridden cesspools filled with racial hate - just like Los Angeles - research by Cork and Limerick University boffins has claimed.
CHINA might be an economic powerhouse but it is also the pollution capital of the world with its once great rivers rancid cesspools.
Long Island is lagging behind in properly abandoning cesspools and this continues to be a serious danger.
Drive by those facilities, and you will quickly realize that many are cesspools of poverty and crime.
Many of the stations, now cesspools for industrial pollution, rest on traditional Aboriginal lands.
Other tracer studies have confirmed that wastewater from septic systems and cesspools migrates to coral reefs near shore.
They are hoping the grant will bring long-running problems of cesspools and septic tanks to an end.
In addition, when "middle America" votes against voucher programs or sends their children to public schools without opting them out of evolution or sex education classes, they are also discounting the dire tight-wing warnings that public schools are cesspools unfit for human habitation.
When Newark eliminated its contaminated cesspools and wells, it replaced them with an underground sewage system which proved haphazard, badly designed, and inadequate.
Pumping, transportation and disposal of wastewater from sinks and sludge from septic tanks and cesspools.
Dirty smell emanates from these leftovers lying exposed in all garbage sites, making it difficult for citizens to breathe any fresh air, while dirty cesspools formed due to bad sewerage system, have also surfaced in Mianapur, Mubarakpura, Fateh Garh, Haji pura, Shah Syedan, and other areas.
Schwartzman once again proves his expertise at plumbing dicey psychological cesspools as fully and fearlessly as possible.