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Synonyms for cesspool

a place known for its great filth or corruption

Synonyms for cesspool

a covered cistern

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Mehmet Coban was very surprised that the ancient graves were found while digging for a cesspool.
He had failed to empty the cesspool on numerous occasions and there was a serious risk of polluting a nearby watercourse.
The most horrifying, but also the funniest, was watching Gerard ride a motorbike he had borrowed into a cesspool in a hill village we were staying at in Vietnam.
IN RESPONSE to P Mather of Wavertree (yesterday's Daily Post) I agree that this country seems to be sliding down the side of an abyss into a vile cesspool of the most loathsome humanity imaginable - and humanity is probably the wrong word.
Truly, we wallow under New Labour, in a cesspool of moral, social and economic decadence.
CityWide has also taken the initiative to educate the public about cesspool and septic tank awareness.
s ethical cesspool even murkier -- contrary to what City Council members told everyone these past few months.
Folks, we complain a lot about how Hollywood has become a cesspool of violence and immorality.
Rather than seeking to abolish the institutionalized rent-seeking that has turned Washington into a cesspool of bribery and influence-peddling, the Republicans, like the Democrats before them, have simply exploited it for their advantage.
Residents' greatest fears were realised when storm surges burst one of the barriers, turning the city into a cesspool of chemical and human waste.
Butler discusses both the dam's advantages (deep water for shipping, abundant electricity; flood control) and its potentially devastating consequences (the lake could become a cesspool, the weight of dammed water could cause earthquakes if tectonic plates shift).
Imagine instead a world of mysticism, pure magic that has an affect on the walking cesspool of real demons and monsters.
Iraq was a cesspool for the British when they occupied it in 1917.
America has tried to come out of the cesspool of racial conservatism and racism, and we're right back to square one," said Lami, who owns La Caffita bakery shop, also located in Los Angeles.
Even items for good hygiene become a cesspool for bacteria over time.