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Synonyms for cesspit

a place known for its great filth or corruption

Synonyms for cesspit

a covered cistern

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Owners of office buildings, hotels or shopping malls have legal obligations to equip their facilities with underground cesspits to temporarily store and treat sewage if a facility releases it more than a certain amount.
Much of what residents didn't digest or left on their plates went down into latrine holes, became remnants in cesspits built up over the centuries or was thrown away in local dumps.
If you are buying a property which has either a cesspit or a septic tank there are a number of things you will need to consider.
The use of cesspits probably spread to the Estonian area from German towns, where the first mention of large wooden boxes in Lubeck date to the 13th century.
The area has been endemic for ilariasis and cesspits and U-shaped drains are the two major larval habitats of the vector species Cx.
Chinese porcelain cup from around 1700 found in the city Cologne salt-glazed mug from around 1500-1550 found in a stone-lined cesspit in Chester The artefacts are on display at the Newstead Gallery in the Grosvenor Museum
Grandad-of-four Jim Ridgeway, 68, of adjacent street Ravensbrook, said: 'Let's call them what they are, they are cesspits or septic tanks.
The editor demonstrates that London's four "Viewers" were kept busy adjudicating disputes between neighbors over boundaries, cesspits and the like; while Peter W.
Detective work includes hi-tech analysis of old cesspits on the new Parl- iament site.
The new system will replace the cesspits and septic tanks currently used in Key Largo, which are leaking wastewater into the bay and ocean and contributing to the deterioration of near-shore waters.
Cesspits are sealed systems with no discharge into the environment, they do not need to be registered with the Environment Agency, whereas septic tanks drain clarified water out of the system and either into a soakaway or a watercourse.