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CNG sector is paying 70 million per day under Cess and sector is using 9.
Sindh government had waived off Road Cess on both growers and sugar mills during 2014-15 but such amount was deposited by them because of late issuance of notification by Sindh government.
KIRTON Cess Dad, so sorry you had to leave us, but know you'd had enough, never said, but always known.
CESS manages user permission as metadata, and checks the credentials of a user before the result set is displayed -- users without appropriate security permissions will not even see the document in the result set.
With the increase of six dollar in cess the cost has gone up to 44 dollar.
Package for KEPZ: Prime Minister has announced on May 22 abolition of cess on imports of raw material and reduction in different charges relating to land and warehousing units from 17 per cent to 58 per cent to make investment at Karachi Export Processing Zone attractive, effective July 1, 2003.
The appeals court affirmed the dismissal of the telephone charges allegation, holding that there was no authority for the proposition that inmates were entitled to a specific rate for telephone calls and that the facts alleged did not support the conclusion that the rate charged was so exorbitant as to deprive inmates of telephone ac cess all together.
government urged Japan to implement nondiscriminatory building ac cess requirements as a means of promoting telecommunications competition; Canada and Hong Kong already have building access requirements for the same reason," Graham said.
That is one of the key findings in the 1999 edition of CESS, an annual research study of U.
A computer simulation of the pro- cess in a sheet of cardiac tissue supports the findings.
Although the system is currently quite expensive and limited in the number of cavities it can handle, Illig sales manager Bernd Lueder believes IML will make its mark because the web-printing cess used for the labels is much faster and more economical, and offers greater design freedom than processes for printing on formed containers.
Tenders are invited for Aden/Ptj Sub Division-(I)Proposed Standardization Of Formation By Making Up Of Low Cess And Formation Bank Km.
According to another notification issued by the Food Department, the Sugarcane Development Cess for crushing season 2015-16 has been fixed Rs 3 per 40 kg, Rs 7.
5- per cent cess on all taxable services to fund the Swachh Bharat programme.
FAISALABAD -- As many as 12 schemes of construction, repair and maintenance of roads at a cost of Rs 62 million from sugarcane cess funds will be completed in three districts of Faisalabad division.