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(of plants) growing in small dense clumps or tufts

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Its cespitose habit offers excellent possibilities for management, and its harvest is considered sustainable by most authors (e.
2008), and cutting off shoots in cespitose palms (Calzavara, 1972; Jardim & Anderson, 1987; Pollak et al.
Appendix 1 Table 2 Synopsis of Palm Management in South America, Countries: BO, Bolivia; BR, Brazil; CH, Chile; CO, Colombia; EC, Ecuador; GU, Guyana; PE, Peru; SU, Suriname; UR, Uruguay; VE, Venezuela, Human Groups: AF, Afro-descendants; AM, Amerindians; ME, Mestizos or Caboclos, Harvest Techniques: CN, Climbing Neighboring Tree; CP, Climbing the Palm; CT, Cutting Tool at the End of a Pole; DH, Direct Harvest of Low or Acaulescent Palms; FM, Felling as a Consequence of Mismanagement; FR, Felling Required; GH, Harvest from the Ground; ND, No Data (but No Felling); SC, Shoot Cutting in Cespitose Palms.
Large cespitose clusters at the base of living or dead hardwood trees.
Several to gregarious, often cespitose, on decaying hardwood logs and stumps.
We also computed the number of species in each growth-form category, percent cespitose species, and number of species with palmate or costapalmate leaves from the species lists.
A cespitose species will produce either a multistemmed palm (e.
The monospecific genus Tostimontia (Diaz-Piedrahita, 2001) from Sierra de Santa Marta in Colombia was distinguished from Jungia by the cespitose habit, peltate leaves with foliaceous bracts, and solitary capitula.