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Synonyms for cesarian

the delivery of a fetus by surgical incision through the abdominal wall and uterus (from the belief that Julius Caesar was born that way)

relating to abdominal delivery

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On the day the babies were delivered by cesarian section, however, the media covering the scene guessed something was up.
Such decisions can include deciding to consume excessive amounts of alcohol or drugs, refusing fetal surgery, or refusing cesarian section.
For instance, 25% of all babies born in America are delivered by Cesarian section.
These centers and services may also focus on solutions to health concerns such as biotechnology; on a specific drug such as lithium; on a category of diseases such as rare disorders; on education or prevention such as cesarian prevention; or on a particular population such as retired persons.
Given the high percentage of cesarian sections performed in this country--25 percent of all births--it is also quite possible that this method of delivery has been broached as a possibility in any case.
The resources for neonatal intensive care and the frequency of cesarian delivery are higher in the United States, but this obviously does not result in a lower infant mortality rate.
Then, in May 2002, the results of two important clinical studies were announced -- one showing a 40% reduction in morphine use after surgery in women undergoing cesarian sections, the other showing significantly shorter hospital stays and reduced overall costs in hysterectomy patients," Earhart said.
In our case, one could have given consideration to maintaining the infant on placental circulation after elective cesarian delivery until an airway could be established.
Bethesda was a Level 2 hospital at least part of the time during those ten years, had approximately six labor rooms, and had to call in a separate operation room team for Cesarian sections.
The hospital had six labor rooms, and had to call in a separate operation room team for Cesarian section.
Models for head circumference were further adjusted for cesarian birth (yes/no), and the number of days between birth and measurement of head size.
An hour later, doctors at Birmingham's City Hospital delivered her son Steven by emergency Cesarian section.
She was whisked into hospital and the next day doctors carried out the 40-minute Cesarian.