cervix uteri

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necklike opening to the uterus

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Although no MHC II+ reaction was observed in the surface epithelia of the cervix uteri in estrus, MHC II+ reactive secretory cells (Figure 3B, arrowheads) were seen in diestrus.
Topics covered include spontaneous and induced chromosomal instability in patients with carcinoma of cervix uteri, genomic instability of the APC gene found in glioblastoma, radiation hormesis and the control of genomic instability, how a cell defends itself against genomic instability caused by chromium, and genotoxic stress and apoptosis.
The patent-protected CINtec(TM) technology developed by MTM is a unique molecular diagnostic test which will be developed for the highly sensitive detection of pre-cancerous and cancerous cells in biopsies and smears of the cervix uteri.
Increased levels of the p16 biomarker indicate the presence of pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions of the cervix uteri in first-line screening.
Endoscopy codes were added to three subsections of the CPT code set; vulva (56820, 56821), vagina (57420, 57421), and cervix uteri (57452, 57454, 57455, 57456, 57460, and 57461)" said Ms.