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North Carolina Fiscal Note; Clarify Authority/ Regulation of Cervids suggest a long history of being co-managed by WRC and NCDACS with a 48% to 52% expenditure cost respectfully.
Cryptic Onchocerca species infecting North American cervids, with implications for the evolutionary history of host associations in Onchocerca.
Molecular genetic characterisation of the cervid strain ("northern form") of Eohinooooous granulosus.
They are also found throughout the diseased host including the skeletal muscle, blood and a wide range of other tissues in CWD-infected cervids, some of which appear to be asymptomatic.
White-tailed deer are the most widespread and abundant cervid in North America (Demarais et al.
Anatomical comparisons to skeletons held by the New Jersey State Museum (NJSM), the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (ANSP), and the Yale Peabody Museum (YPM), suggest that the progenitor of the vertebra is most probably the extinct Ice Age cervid commonly known as the elkmoose or stagmoose.
are widespread oestrid flies whose larvae parasitize various cervid hosts, yet attempts to pathologize their significance as well as delineate their taxonomy, dispersal potential, and distribution remain ambiguous.
Bears seldom prove as numerous as any type of cervid.
The rule prohibiting Oregon elk ranchers from supplying this market was included in an overhaul of the state's cervid ranching rules.
The cervid strain is prevalent in the holarctic zones of the tundra and boreal forests of Alaska and Canada, while the sheep strain occurs sporadically in parts of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, California and other western states.
Current test development effort in the TSE field has been focused mainly on designing screening tests for the aggregated prion proteins in bovine, ovine, and cervid brain tissue.
will likely lead to significant declines in cervid populations,