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an encapsulated neural structure consisting of a collection of cell bodies or neurons

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With all these nerve branches radiated out from cervicothoracic ganglion are made innervation of the neck, forelimb and organs in the chest region (Getty, 1975; Tecirlioglu, 1983; Janes et al.
Absence of anatomic literature about localization, shape of cervicothoracic ganglion and nerve branches dispersing from the ganglion in roe deer was evaluated as a deficiency.
One or two thin nerve branches from caudodorsal side of cervicothoracic ganglion were distributed to trachea and esophagus.
There were also different nerve branches diverging from cervicothoracic ganglion expect the mentioned above nerves.
1-m) diverged from ventral side of cervicothoracic ganglion was participated into vagus nerve and a branch (Fig.
2-g) were diverged from center of cervicothoracic ganglion in right side.