cervicofacial actinomycosis

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the commonest and least severe form of actinomycosis


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Risk factors for cervicofacial actinomycosis include poor dental hygiene, dental procedures, chronic tonsillitis, otitis, mastoiditis, maxillofacial trauma, and immunocompromise.
Park et al reviewed computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans in 7 patients with cervicofacial actinomycosis.
Complications of cervicofacial actinomycosis are rare; when they have occurred, they were life-threatening in some isolated instances.
Diagnosis and treatment of cervicofacial actinomycosis.
In conclusion, he was diagnosed as cervicofacial actinomycosis by clinical signs and histopatological examination.
The absence of lymphadenopathy may be beneficial evidence in differentiating cervicofacial actinomycosis from a malignancy.
Mucous contusion or abrasion, sinusitis, tooth extraction, oral and maxillofacial surgery, maxillofacial trauma, dental pulp exposure and endodontic treatment, periapical infection or granuloma, periodontal disease, local anesthesia, tooth eruption, poor hygiene and tonsillectomy are important risk factors of cervicofacial actinomycosis (2).
Our patient with underwent surgical excision of lesion due to differential diagnosis of cervicofacial mass was diagnosed cervicofacial actinomycosis by histopatological examination.
described cases of esophageal and of cervicofacial actinomycosis treated successfully with short-term antibiotic therapy.
There is experience in treating cervicofacial actinomycosis with shorter courses of therapy.