cervical vein

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a vein that accompanies an artery of the same name

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Hollinshead (2) further reported that external jugular vein usually receives the transverse cervical vein and suprascapular vein.
Hence, the anterior jugular vein, transverse cervical vein, and suprascapular vein, all of which usually open into the external jugular vein, in the present case opened into the internal jugular vein.
Table 1: Anatomical distribution of arterial injury Arterial injuries n Cervical arteries Common carotid 19 Internal carotid 8 External carotid 3 Subclavian 21 Axillary 13 Vertebral 4 Internal mammary 1 Costocervical 1 Dorsal scapular 1 Mediastinal arteries Ascending and arch of aorta 5 Descending aorta 7 Innominate artery 3 Pulmonary artery 1 Total 87 Table 2: The anatomical distribution of venous injury Venous injuries n Cervical veins Internal jugular 6 Subclavian 5 Axillary 6 Mediastinal veins Pulmonary 2 Superior vena cava 1 Total 20