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a sample of secretions and superficial cells of the uterine cervix and uterus

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The service is intended to generate additional capacity for the implementation of pre-screening of cervical smears.
One in five women in Wales are putting themselves at risk of life-threatening cancer by failing to attend cervical smear screening, a cancer charity has warned.
One in five women in Wales are putting themselves at risk of cancer by failing to attend cervical smear screening, a charity has warned.
A total of 108 542 cervical smears were processed in the NHLS Cytopathology Laboratory at GSH over the study period.
In this subgroup of disease-free women we have then tested the cervical smears of all the women who first started to smoke following study entry for p16 methylation, and compared them to women who were never smokers.
AN OVERHAUL of cervical smears across the Midlands is set to save more lives and will mean fewer repeat tests for women.
The study aimed at investigating the diagnostic importance of AgNOR counts in the cervical smears in the process of cervical carcinogenesis and also discriminating the different grades of squamous infra epithelial lesions of cervix (SIL).
Currently, regular screening by having cervical smears is the best way to reduce the risk of developing cervical cancer.
To compare rates of HPV acquisition in older and younger women, paired archived cervical smears taken an average of 3 years apart from 656 women were tested.
I don't buy for one minute the twaddle that her screen death will encourage more women to go for cervical smears.
In HERS, annual cervical smears were taken as part of the study protocol.
Q I HAVE had two cervical smears in the last year, both of which have been 'unsatisfactory'.
She and consultant Joseph Sant-Cassia together set up Walsgrave Hospital's colposcopy unit, where women who have had positive cervical smears are referred for examination.
Cervical smears are never pleasant at the best of times, and it sounds as though you have had a particularly bad experience.