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63) These lesions are thought to arise from incomplete obliteration of the embryologic cervical sinus of His.
Cysts that originate from remnants of the cervical sinus and from the clefts are, based on embryological development, called second branchial cleft cysts, (5) whereas those that arise from the pouches are called branchial pouch cysts.
In the above cases, the authors attempted to explain the embryologic pathway as a tangent to the cervical sinus of the His theory, stating that for an epithelium-lined cyst to appear just beneath the endothelium of the tonsil, the branchial plate must have been preserved.
Branchial anomalies in the form of epithelium-lined tubes connecting the skin to the foregut lumen may arise as a result of a persisting cervical sinus or a breakdown of the branchial plate or closing membrane between the clefts and pouches.
During closure of the cervical sinus that lies between the second branchial arch and the epipericardial ridge, ectoderm may become trapped, resulting in the formation of an inclusion or cyst.