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3%) of the bilateral cases, the right cervical rib was prominently enlarged and had pseudoarticulation with the 1st rib.
Unlike a cervical rib, an elongated C7 transverse process is fused with the C7 vertebra3.
The most common abnormality was a postfixed brachial plexus, implying a large conjoined middle and inferior trunk, susceptible to pathological stretching over the 1st rib or an anomalous cervical rib.
Cervical spine X-ray AP and lateral revealed bilateral cervical rib in 91 patients, right side cervical rib in 28 patients and left side cervical rib in 20 patients (Table 2).
Cervical ribs are located in the neck on the cervical vertebrae and this change is the result of environmental stress and genetic mutation during pregnancy, which in turn is associated with still births and abnormalities.
Antero posterior radiograph revealed rudimentary cervical rib on right side and a developed cervical rib on left side [fig 2].
As a result of the devastating insults sustained secondary to the presence of the 7th cervical rib and her subclavian artery occlusion, this patient faced months of recovery.
Radiologists reported frequent examples of cervical rib without ill consequences.
A YOU have a condition called a cervical rib - a small extra rib that grows out from one of the vertebrae in your neck.
Cervical rib is a congenital phenomenon that usually occurs in association with upper-limb neurovascular symptoms.
But no more than 5% have a neurogenic, arterial, or venous etiology for their thoracic outlet syndrome and thus may need to undergo surgical resection of a cervical rib and/or any anomalous fibromuscular bands compressing the trunk and brachial plexus.
Abnormalities include: a drooping shoulder girdle, a cervical rib or fibrous band, an abnormal first rib, continual hyperabduction of the arm, or--rarely--compression of the edge of the scalenus anterior muscle.
Known as a cervical rib, it rarely causes any problems unless it grows quite large.