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a small vascular growth on the surface of a mucous membrane

one of two forms that coelenterates take (e.g. a hydra or coral): usually sedentary with a hollow cylindrical body usually with a ring of tentacles around the mouth

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y n = 7 n = 7 n = 6 1 Myometrium 48 Pos Pos 2 Myometrium 26 Neg Neg Neg 3 Cervix 48 Pos Pos Pos 4 Cervical polyp 42 Neg Pos Pos 5 Endometrium 32 N/A Pos Neg 6 Fallopian tube 25 Pos Pos Neg 7 Myometrium 52 Pos Neg N/A 8 Myometrium 40 Pos N/A N/A Analyzed, No.
Sometimes bleeding between periods is due to a cervical polyp, especially when it occurs after sex.
It could also be due to a cervical polyp, especially when bleeding occurs after sex.
This resulted in not addressing and analyzing the numerous other reasons that we carry out bimanual exams; for example, detection of myomas, urinary incontinence, pelvic floor support or lack thereof, cervical polyps, vaginal wall growths, and adnexal pain and masses with the potential of indicating pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, and ovarian cysts.
Johnson, the technique can identify cervical polyps, fistulas, congenital vaginal septa, vaginal cysts, vaginal ulcers, and other conditions that other-wise could go undetected.