cervical nerve

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any of eight pairs of spinal nerves emerging from the cervical section of the spinal cord

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Complications of fluoroscopically guided extraforaminal cervical nerve blocks.
The cervical nerve plexus is located at the posterior triangle of the neck that is formed by the cervical prevertebral fascia, the paravertebral muscles and the cervical vertebra (5).
Selective cervical nerve root blockade: experience with a safe and reliable technique using an anterolateral approach for needle placement.
If not promptly relieved, shoulder dystocia can result in stretching and avulsion of the cervical nerve root in the child's brachial plexus, the undisputed cause of the child's injury in this case.
Craig Wolff performed surgery on Allen that included a "cervical foramenoplasty" and laminotomy at C-6/C-7 along with cervical nerve decompression.
The initial work-up should include a cranial and cervical nerve screen, assessment of mandibular range of motion, and a dental exam.
11) Stingers (or burners), are a neurapraxia of the brachial plexus or cervical nerve roots.
Brain tumors are believed to cause headaches as a result of traction on the large blood vessels and dura, as well as direct pressure on cranial and cervical nerve fibers by tumor, Dr.