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Scrofula, or infectious cervical lymphadenitis, is a term predominantly applied to tuberculous and nontuberculous mycobacterial infections affecting the cervical lymph nodes.
The most common signs and symptoms were fever in 91% of patients, neck pain, swelling or torticollis in 91%, dysphagia and difficulty swallowing in 85%, sore throat, pharyngitis or tonsillitis in 97%, cervical lymphadenitis in 87% and difficulty in breathing or stridor in 21%.
Mycobacterium lentiflavum: an etiologic agent of cervical lymphadenitis.
In conclusion, the present case indicates three important points: First, to our knowledge, this is the first case of cervical lymphadenitis to develop paradoxically during antituberculous drug therapy for CNS TB.
We report a case of acute cervical lymphadenitis caused by M.
5) Cervical lymphadenitis, pneumonia, subcutaneous abscess, and sepsis are the most common infections and complications.
In 1 patient, the infection spread and caused culture-proven cervical lymphadenitis, a retroauricular abscess, fistula, and facial nerve palsy.
Mycobacterium bohemicum and cervical lymphadenitis in children.
His medical history was significant for several recurrent basal cell carcinomas of the head and neck (which had been treated with cryotherapy and excision) and for tuberculous cervical lymphadenitis (for which he had received a full course of standard antituberculosis chemotherapy).
The increased prevalence of NTM cervical lymphadenitis may be explained by conversion of our hospital to a tertiary pediatric center in 1991, concomitant with the growing awareness of NTM as a cause of craniocervical lymphadenitis among its physicians.