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the act of expanding an aperture

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Pre-procedure pulse, blood-pressure, visual analog scale (VAS) score, fetal heart rate, and obstetric parameters such as cervical dilatation, station, and effacement were noted.
Other measures were total dose of misoprostol required, induction--labour onset interval, rate of cervical dilatation, duration of labour, induction--delivery interval, need for oxytocin augmentation and analgesia, mode of delivery, any operative procedure required, side effects and complications.
The resectoscope was introduced into the uterine cavity after cervical dilatation using a Hegar's dilator up to a size of 10 mm.
The Pipelle de Cornier is the most popular disposable biopsy device for ESP, and provides a relatively painless method that frequently does not require cervical dilatation and shows low morbidity.
Requirement of further cervical dilatation and the time required for that was also significantly less in the study group (Table 2).
A presentation scan, vaginal examination for cervical dilatation and CTG were performed.
In the present study, the initiation of calving measured in form of cervical dilatation (3 fingers) started between 12 and 29 hrs after commencement of treatments.
In a regression analysis, cervical dilatation at enrollment was a better predictor of labor onset, according to Dr.
The second stage of labor starts from full cervical dilatation and effacement to delivery of the baby.
She suggests an alternative rate of cervical dilatation of between 0.
Vaginal examinations (N = 111) Completely Not Incompletely recorded recorded recorded N (%) N (%) N (%) Cervical dilatation 31 (28) 39 (35) 41 (37) Cervical effacement 34 (31) 39 (35) 38 (34) Fetal station 34 (31) 37 (33) 40 (36) Fetal position 0 107 (96) 4 (4)
We included parturients in established labour with cervical dilatation <5 cm and with baseline pain score >5 (on a 0 to 10 visual analogue scale (VAS): O=no pain, 10=worst pain imaginable), who had a singleton foetus with vertex presentation at term and no pregnancy-related complications.
Accuracy and intraobserver variability of simulated cervical dilatation measurements.
Cervical dilatation at presentation and over the 6 hours following admission was highly predictive of preterm birth in women admitted with preterm labor, but obstetric history also contributed important information about which mothers were likely to deliver before 34 or 37 weeks' gestation, according to study findings presented in poster form at the annual meeting of the Society for Gynecologic Investigation.
Nulliparous women with singleton pregnancies at term, in cephalic presentation, and 2- to 6-cm cervical dilatation were recruited on admission to participating labor and delivery units.