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the act of expanding an aperture

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With labour progress defined by measurement of cervical dilatation the question arises as to how often the measurement should be undertaken.
361 receiving labour with breakthrough with augmentation at pain) breakthrough breakthrough pain) Cervical dilatation 4.
Median cervical dilatation at the time of rupture of membranes was 4 cm less in the early amniotomy group, compared with the standard care group (3.
The demographic profiles of the patients in both the air and saline groups were similar in terms of BMI, cervical dilatation at which the epidural catheter was inserted, pre-block pain, use of pre-block oxytocin and mean duration of labour (Table 1).
When access is required to the uterus to investigate pathology via a hysteroscope, cervical dilatation is desirable to allow the atraumatic passage of a 10 mm diameter operating instrument.
Preterm labor was defined and measured by cervical dilatation at the time of diagnosis of preterm labor and the change in cervical dilatation from the last prenatal visit.
An analysis of data on cervical dilatation and pain scores among the 66 healthy, nulliparous women revealed a significantly quicker, less painful labor in patients with a polymorphism at the 16 position of [[beta].
The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has recommended that "when feasible, obstetric practitioners should delay the administration of epidural anesthesia in nulliparous women until the cervical dilatation reaches 4-5 cm, and that other forms of analgesia be used until that time," noted Dr.
The 57 women with cervical dilatation greater than 4 cm were randomized to receive either a single, 4-g bolus of magnesium sulfate, or a placebo bolus of saline.
Patients in the two groups were matched by gestational age and cervical dilatation at the time of their initial preterm labor, use of cerclage, and any history of previous preterm delivery.
One challenge in studying analgesic requirements is not to attribute a difference in requirements to parity when it is in fact caused by a variation in cervical dilatation at the time of measurement, Dr.
The mean cervical dilatation was 2 cm in the oxytocin group and 1 cm in the misoprostol group.
Records drawn from 7 years of study found that higher parity, greater initial cervical dilatation, and a slightly older estimated gestational age were all independent factors that predicted success using misoprostol for cervical ripening and labor induction, Dr.
Cervical dilatation and station at presentation also were similar between the two groups, as were the indications for cesarean delivery.