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a mineral consisting of lead carbonate that is an important source of lead

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The pigments, they found, were bone white, lead white, cerussite, quartz, cinnabar, malachite, charcoal black, copper salts, Chinese purple and azurite.
Dam a triple winner at 2-3 years, successful at Listed level, and a half-sister to Gr1 winner Al Hareb, Gr3 winner Dr Somerville, and Listed winners Rising and Cerussite.
Within the oxidized zones, the primary sulfide minerals were commonly converted to limonite, pyrolusite, cerussite, anglesite, argentojarosite and plumbojarosite (basic sulfates of Fe), and native silver, with traces of malachite and azurite.
Only a few of the phases are stoichiometric minerals (anglesite = Pb sulfate, cerussite = Pb carbonate, galena = Pb sulfide, native Pb = Pb), whereas the others are nonstoichiometric associations of various metals and other elements.
These were derived from galena and cerussite, minerals mined around the Red Sea.